Hired After Uni!

June 3, 2015

How to get hired once you’ve completed University.

I recently posted an article on how to actual write a resume, and mentioned a friend of mine who owns a business named advance yourself. Below is his promotion video that talks about his services.

The University Guide | Part 2 – Resumes

April 3, 2015

Part 3 is on the RESUME. I was lucky enough to have an amazing professional resume writer, but you guys are lucky not so lucky, in fact I’m sure you guys aren’t so lucky. Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing resume writing guides, but nothing teaches you quite like what you are going to need when you are in uni and also once you finish University, as those, my friends are 2 completely different sports, let alone ball games.

If you view the Google images of “resume” what do you see: A lot of text, black on white and 1 word springs to mind, that looks dull! Boring! And you’d be surprised how many executives and CEO’s think exactly that same thing too. Even the freckin resume builder’s create boring looking examples! (source) and I’m not really sure why!

Resume Writing


The issues: All the government’s are saying write a resume that employers want to see. And sure sometimes I’ll give it to them, the boring resume and cover letter’s will get you a job. 1 time in 39, and if your cool with an average job and a hell of a lot of effort to get that average job then sure, go apply for 50 jobs and heck you might even get 3 replies to choose from. But if like me, that’s not your style then follow these steps carefully and I almost guranatee you won’t need to apply to move than 5 jobs at Uni! That’s a promise.

Step 1 – Stand out + Colour

Don’t listen to these guide that always tell you “put title here” “put experience here” you need to jazz up your resume and there is only a few ways to do it. Step 1 write a good resume that people might actually want to read. Step 2 condense that of any fluff and BS that you might have thought useful before, you can do enough BSing and flapping if you get invited for an interview. Step 3: Add colour and variance, designers even create infographic resumes because it makes them stand out, and it works! Step 4: High quality printing and paper, thick paper, HQ ink goes a long way to a first impression.

Step 2 – Don’t apply anywhere

Don’t apply to every and any place, this is not only going to work as people will see your resume and “add it” to the pile. But it also knocks your confidence too, even though the majority of places “weren’t looking” instead put a lot of effort into researching relevant places and send (don’t email) your CV or resume into them with a custom well written cover letter. It’s all about quality and not quantity when it comes to job hunting!

Step 3 – Bribe

Everyone likes to feel special, if you send your resume or CV in along with a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, guess what? You just didn’t get thrown away as people associate gift giving with caring people, and who doesn’t want to hire a caring person? The answer is no one.

Step 4 – Follow up

Most companies now actually want you to follow up a job opening with a call, with a “how’d I do” “how’d it go” style reach out, this is beneficial as it shows a.) You are/still interested in the job, b.) You are not just playing the numbers game and applying and forgetting about any job you have ever applied too.

I hope these resume writing tips helped you, I don’t consider myself a professional but I think this will help you guys looking for a career.

Thanks and good luck

The University Guide | Part 2 – Music

February 4, 2015

This is part 2 in the mini series about how to do well at University. We started last week with 13 things to remember to take to Uni and I wanted to get a bit more specific over the coming weeks, advising on what I think regarding key areas, such as music, sports, lectures, food, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.

The University  Music Discovery Guide

I’d like to start by recommending Discover new music with Loudup (the music social network) Loudup is awesome. It helps you find unsigned bands, artists and music you wouldn’t hear through any radio or even online. If you want to find new bands (or are a new band) check them out. Another good place to check if you are already in Uni is the Academy of music, they run some great promotions on there, with some good courses and advice for aspiring musicians.

But anyway to the guide itself. This is how you do it people.

Find songs you like!

Who would have thought it? Find music you like and listen to it! Then talk to individuals about new music. Network and find people who like a similar sort to band/artist. It’s incredibly easy. The diversity of people at Uni is crazy, you will meet people who love Metallica and the next person might prefer Gospel. Its crazy!

Next step once you actually know what you like and not what you have to listen to to “fit in” is finding local gigs. By now you should know a few people who like what you like. As a result you should start to find people who know people in bands similar to what you like (just a human process). You can either listen to these people and go along to local gigs, most of the time these are in small bars and are cheap or under £10.

Go to as many as humanly possible, meet new people and get to know the bands. If you like them look them up, find what they like, who they listen to, their influences and if they recommend any other local artists. And repeat the process.

If you can’t find local gigs, there are a number of sites that can help you. If we look at Loudup’s Gigs page, all the artists list where they will be in a given month and as a result will definitely be. Rinse and repeat these processes and meet lots of new people that will help you!

Thanks for reading.

The University Guide – Part 1 | 13 Things to Remember

January 14, 2015

In this mini series I’m going to talk about the things you can’t forget when you go to Uni. These are extremely important things to remember to take with you when you go to Uni.

1.) Work equipment – Although its boring, you are actually at University to get a degree (believe it or not). And as a result your priority should be to be prepared when it comes to work equipment such as laptops, notepads, pens, software, Microsoft office, memory sticks ETC.

2.) Cooking Utensils – Take cooking utensils with you, these are expensive, don’t waste money buying your own.

3.) Money – Don’t spend all your money in the first week of Uni, but also take as much as you can, for many people its the first time away from home and you will find things get a lot more expensive when family isn’t around. Take as much as you can afford to lose.

4.) Alcohol – Even if you don’t drink sharing alcohol with your flatmates is a great way to break the ice and get to know people better. Its also a lot easier to talk to strangers when your a bit tipsy!

5.) Clothes horse – Most places will either not have, or charge you for the use of a dryer, I know I had to buy a clothes horse about 5 weeks in, get one on day 1 and save yourself the hassle. And while your at it don’t forget a laundry basket, keep your room clean and tidy for as long as you can!

6.) Condoms – Boys or girls always carry a couple of these on you, and when the opportunity arises use them wisely.

7.) Lamp(s) – Just get one and thank me later.

8.) Any pills, patches or medication you take to get you either through the day or on difficult days (some people like the new concerntration drug, others will be okay with caffeine, some go as far as something a bit stronger…. But remember please check your Universities drug policy. Here and here are some good ones if your Spanish.

9.) Toilet roll – This stuff is expensive, get a 24 pack and store it somewhere (under the bed). You never know when you might need it for any activity in a University life.

10.) Passport photo – For the railcard which is something else you should be getting. But also you might need one for your NUS card, student ID card and many more things, so just get 4 and keep them in your room ready. On this, also remember to take photos you love, family, friends S.O. anything that will make you happy.

10.5) A job – I forgot to add this one before but I’m going to add it now. Get a part time job if possible. I worked for ghost marketing in Salisbury when I was at Uni and it allowed me to buy stuff I needed throughout my Uni term time without worrying about money.

11.) Shower – Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, you can never have enough of these, they don’t go off and if you time it right you can get some for birthday and Christmas and never have to buy any in term time! Result!

12.) Toastie maker – Probably the most important on this list, if you don’t have one of these or never had one, just buy one. I personally didn’t have one for 18 years, and then the next 3 years were spent purely making toasties. 4am, 9am, 9pm, 4pm anytime is a good time for one!

13.) Yourself – Don’t be late or never around, there is nothing worse than a flatmate who doesn’t talk to anyone. Even if you think your a bit weird or socially awkward, everyone is in the same boat! It’s no use trying to be a recluse for 3/4/5 years, just get to know people, if you don’t like them, just be nice and find someone else to spend time with.

Good luck!


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