The University Guide – Part 1 | 13 Things to Remember

January 14, 2015

In this mini series I’m going to talk about the things you can’t forget when you go to Uni. These are extremely important things to remember to take with you when you go to Uni.

1.) Work equipment – Although its boring, you are actually at University to get a degree (believe it or not). And as a result your priority should be to be prepared when it comes to work equipment such as laptops, notepads, pens, software, Microsoft office, memory sticks ETC.

2.) Cooking Utensils – Take cooking utensils with you, these are expensive, don’t waste money buying your own.

3.) Money – Don’t spend all your money in the first week of Uni, but also take as much as you can, for many people its the first time away from home and you will find things get a lot more expensive when family isn’t around. Take as much as you can afford to lose.

4.) Alcohol – Even if you don’t drink sharing alcohol with your flatmates is a great way to break the ice and get to know people better. Its also a lot easier to talk to strangers when your a bit tipsy!

5.) Clothes horse – Most places will either not have, or charge you for the use of a dryer, I know I had to buy a clothes horse about 5 weeks in, get one on day 1 and save yourself the hassle. And while your at it don’t forget a laundry basket, keep your room clean and tidy for as long as you can!

6.) Condoms – Boys or girls always carry a couple of these on you, and when the opportunity arises use them wisely.

7.) Lamp(s) – Just get one and thank me later.

8.) Any pills, patches or medication you take to get you either through the day or on difficult days (some people like the new concerntration drug, others will be okay with caffeine, some go as far as something a bit stronger…. But remember please check your Universities drug policy. Here and here are some good ones if your Spanish.

9.) Toilet roll – This stuff is expensive, get a 24 pack and store it somewhere (under the bed). You never know when you might need it for any activity in a University life.

10.) Passport photo – For the railcard which is something else you should be getting. But also you might need one for your NUS card, student ID card and many more things, so just get 4 and keep them in your room ready. On this, also remember to take photos you love, family, friends S.O. anything that will make you happy.

10.5) A job – I forgot to add this one before but I’m going to add it now. Get a part time job if possible. I worked for ghost marketing in Salisbury when I was at Uni and it allowed me to buy stuff I needed throughout my Uni term time without worrying about money.

11.) Shower – Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, you can never have enough of these, they don’t go off and if you time it right you can get some for birthday and Christmas and never have to buy any in term time! Result!

12.) Toastie maker – Probably the most important on this list, if you don’t have one of these or never had one, just buy one. I personally didn’t have one for 18 years, and then the next 3 years were spent purely making toasties. 4am, 9am, 9pm, 4pm anytime is a good time for one!

13.) Yourself – Don’t be late or never around, there is nothing worse than a flatmate who doesn’t talk to anyone. Even if you think your a bit weird or socially awkward, everyone is in the same boat! It’s no use trying to be a recluse for 3/4/5 years, just get to know people, if you don’t like them, just be nice and find someone else to spend time with.

Good luck!


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